Time to get data savvy

For businesses, data is the new oil – and most are in a ‘rush’ to ensure they capture a complete picture of their business operations in order to continually improve and plan ahead.

But the trouble is, there is so much data. New job functions and new departments are springing up to manage data, which continues to proliferate, equipping us with insights we simply couldn’t access previously. Accordingly, there is an array of products on the market, offering different dashboards to help us assimilate this volume of information more easily.

Time to get data savvy and understand what data your business really needs. Too little data and you have no basis for improvement, too much data is easy to drown in with no clear idea of the way forward. What it comes down to is not quantity, but the quality of your data.

Here are some key questions around warehouse data:

  • How accurate is it? How old is it?
  • How much does it cost to gather the data?
  • How many people are manually gathering data in the operation? Is the Excel spreadsheet still king?
  • Where is it stored? Is it secure?

Capturing the performance of a warehouse operation in terms of service and cost is a challenge and usually requires a significant amount of administrative resource to produce. Often this resource needs to be in place around the clock.

In warehouses, there are multiple sources of data, from time and systems, warehouse management systems and automation systems.  For the data to be manageable it needs to be integrated to give one easy to assimilate overview.

Vitesse has a role to play here by gathering data from various sources in near real time – we help to reduce administrative resource whilst increasing both the timeliness and accuracy of data.

Best of all, Vitesse will self-fund.

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Louis Hill

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