Revolutionary Labour Management Software

Improve efficiencies and reduce operational expenses with our cloud-based labour management software.

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Revolutionary Labour Management Software
what is Vitesse?

What is Vitesse?

Vitesse® is a cloud-based software solution designed for the logistics industry. Once implemented, our revolutionary software measures the utilisation and efficiency of your employees, regardless of the geographical location of the warehouse they work in.

Fast Deployment

Cost Effective

Return on Investment

Easy Integration

Return on Investment

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We’re proud to work with some of the largest distribution warehouses in the world.

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Why choose Vitesse?


Reduce Labour Costs

Did you know that labour is one of the highest costs within the supply chain? On average, Vitesse customers can expect to reduce their direct labour costs by 10%.


Actionable Insights

Vitesse® delivers real-time, actionable insights for your operational managers. Our solution provides costs for every element of a task carried out in the workplace, so you can examine processes and identify wasted costs.

Vitesse - Labour Management Software

Better Investment Decisions

By implementing our solution, your business can make faster and better investment decisions regarding automation, using an enhanced statistical approach.


Easy to Integrate

Our labour management software is easy to integrate with all major time & attendance and warehouse management systems (WMS). This helps to keep your business organised and efficient.

fairer workplace

A Fairer Workplace

Vitesse® sets unique time targets for every task presented. In turn, your employees are measured using data to ensure performance evaluation is fair for the entire team.


Subscription Service

Vitesse® is available on rolling monthly and longer term agreements. We are easy to work with, our commercial terms are flexible to meet the needs of our customers.

International Presence

Vitesse® supports businesses across Europe by offering real time operational insights, across multiple locations and employee disciplines.

International Presence

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Tasks completed

6 to 8 Weeks

To deploy

12-Month <

Return on investment

What is our process?




We start by taking a mathematical map of the warehouse understanding travel flows. We use standard operating procedures coupled with industrial engineering to create data enabling Vitesse® to measure tasks.



We’ll provide support for all areas of implementation including staff, users, departments and tasks. This step also includes thorough testing (WMS/ERP)to ensure the solution works smoothly in practice, not just in theory.

Soft Launch

Soft Launch


Over the course of several weeks, we perform a soft launch and monitor the metrics collected. Once we’ve reviewed the results and revised timings, we’ll then compare benchmarks before the final launch.



Our support doesn't end when you launch. We’ll build Vitesse® BI into both the reporting process. We’ll then review the entire operation using Vitesse® BI to ensure everything is running as smoothly as possible.




We’re passionate about teaching your superusers, team leaders, and other employees how to use Vitesse® so that everyone is kept in the loop. Training is split up into three unique parts:

  • Daily tasks: how to read data, how to allocate time, and how to produce reports
  • Set up: how to create teams, employer types, tasks, staff, and users
  • Technical: how to import and access files

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