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The new Premier League season is about to get underway and managers across English football’s top 20 clubs will be looking at ways in which they can motivate their players for the next eight months.

It goes without saying that football players are assets to their clubs and how they perform on the pitch impacts the overall success of the club.

So, what does this have to do with warehouses? Much like football players in the Premier League, warehouse employees are also assets, and their performances will impact the overall success of the warehouse operation.

In this blog, we explore how Vitesse’s labour management software can help warehouse managers use performance data from the ‘players’ in their warehouses to motivate and retain talent, and ‘tackle’ high turnover rates. See what we did there?!


Measure performance in your warehouse and motivating your ‘players’

One of the most successful football teams in recent years has been Manchester City and under the management of Pep Guardiola, with the team winning four out of the last five Premier League titles.

The key to this success has been Guardiola’s ability to motivate his players and mould talented individuals into a high-performing team, which has had a relatively limited turnover.

The Spaniard motivates his squad by offering incentives such as a position in the starting line-up if they perform well, tracking their performance by using data.

This allows the manager to understand who is performing in an efficient way based on factors such as key passes, shots, and goals.

Vitesse labour management software gives warehouse operators and managers a similar insight into their teams’ performances by providing real time data on individual efficiencies rather than a more one-dimensional and archaic units-per-hour measurement.

By using this data, operators can identify those performing below standard and use pre-defined targets set by you the customer to improve their productivity. Improving individual performances helps teams to operate more efficiently.

Data helps Premier League managers like Pep Guardiola to get the best out of his players and our data helps to motivate teams, leading to a boost in warehouse productivity.


Retaining your best warehouse talent

Let’s break this down further. Kevin de Bruyne has been one of Manchester City’s highest performing players amid this period of remarkable success. While his goal output is high, performance data shows he is also a hard-working member of the team who plays key passes that lead to the team scoring. He also makes important tackles that can prevent goals.

De Bruyne’s importance to the team means that Man City should be proactive in looking at ways of retaining him and have done so by offering him a new contract with a bigger salary, as well as opportunities for career expansion such as playing in Europe’s elite competition the Champions League.

A similar strategy has been adopted for all members of the squad performing well and this helps Man City to prevent a detrimental and costly high turnover of staff.

Retaining the best warehouse talent is vital for meeting delivery targets and operating efficiently and using Vitesse’s labour management, our data will help you to truly understand who your most talented ‘players’ are.

With this data you can reward such talent accordingly with career progression opportunities and bonuses so that they feel satisfied in their role. As such, high turnover rates can also be prevented, something which is a pertinent issue in the warehousing sector with the industry rate being at 50% last year.

Easing this rate of turnover can help to reduce costs and allow you to ensure that you don’t lose out on the best performing members of staff.

To find out more on how Vitesse can help you to operate a Premier League-standard warehouse by equipping you with the tools to motivate your ‘players’ visit our website to find out more.


Louis Hill

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