‘Picking’ software for warehouses make woes a thing of the past – As featured in Warehouse and Logistics News

As fears of a recession loom, retailers need to look at how they can weather the difficult economic climate by maximising profitability.

In the warehouses, optimising the teams’ performances using cloud-based productivity software, Vitesse®, can help to do just that.

Here, Dave Morris from Vitesse®, who has 30 years of experience in retail and warehouse technologies, explores why warehouse managers need to ditch the archaic practise of measuring warehouse teams on units per hour measurements, incentivise teams and overall create a more efficient and profitable warehouse.



Picking time

It’s a fact that travel time in the warehouse can constitute up to 60% of picking time due to the warehouse size, layout and distance between locations. It is for this reason that it’s important to not only measure pickers in the warehouse on units picked per hour, but to look at the bigger picture. Vitesse® technology calculates the number of metres an employee is travelling to complete each task, therefore creating a much fairer target for each individual employee.

The X, Y, Z map coordinates created by Vitesse® software are key to this measurement, and thereby provide valuable insights that enable these distances to be reduced or altered where appropriate against that employee’s target. The software makes use of information such as product dimensions, weight, numbers of pallets or cages being used and stretching to reach higher locations, to create fair task times.

Based on our experience, we tend to find that around 40 minutes per day per employee is lost in a warehouse, whether that’s due to excessive distances travelling when picking or unauthorised ‘off task’ time. Vitesse® is designed to make that lost time a thing of the past.


Staff retention  

The team that developed Vitesse® understand staff retention is one of the biggest issues facing warehouse managers in the current climate. The ‘great resignation’, lack of praise, opportunity elsewhere and financial incentives are some of the reasons warehouse employees leave. Incentivising people and praising high performing employees is something that is made easy with our analytics.


Picking software for warehouses – Labour management software by Vitesse®?

Using technologies from Oracle and AWS, Vitesse® provides customers with world class data security and performance, which has proven to be effective as it currently serves customers in the UK, Ireland and Spain – with exciting expansion plans in the pipeline.

Vitesse® is expected to self-fund within 12 months of going live. The experienced team and developers behind Vitesse understand that many warehouses have nuances and differences to process which can all be factored in.

Also, being in the cloud, the software can be deployed anywhere in the world.

Vitesse® software is designed to create a fairer, more profitable warehouse and make sure customers are serviced in a timely manner. If you’d like more information about Vitesse®, contact support@omslimited.com.

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