Warehouse Automation and LMS can Collaborate

November 15, 2023

Warehouses are an expensive and essential part of the supply chain. Warehouse operators heading into peak will have the daily challenge of handling volatile volumes and perhaps even more challenging, working with inaccurate forecasts. Those two scenarios combined make space planning an art form not a science as it does […]

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How Vitesse helps you reward and retain your workers

August 15, 2023

Finding and holding on to employees has always been a challenge in the logistics industry, but with the lowest unemployment levels in decades and tougher post-Brexit immigration rules, this has leapt up the priority list. Dave Morris, Operations Director at Vitesse explores what questions to ask when formulating a staff […]

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The Dark Art of Forecasting

August 9, 2023

Suddenly we are beyond the halfway point in the year.  Peak planning will be underway, or nearing completion, in many operations and most will be wrestling with the knotty problem of producing a reasonably accurate forecast. Forecasting is all about eliminating surprises, but it is no easy task when outcomes […]

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Getting the data right on OPEX with Vitesse

July 26, 2023

Trying to catch up with inflation has made it a massive challenge for businesses to contain operating expenses (OPEX). Beleaguered executives are having their budgets hammered in every way from being allocated the same budget as last year, with limits placed on capital expenditure (CAPEX) leaving nothing to spend on […]

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How Vitesse Works – An Introduction

July 19, 2023

Bringing Fairness & Reward to the Workplace Understanding how and where employees are spending their time in the warehouse is essential to the bottom-line. Dave Morris, Operations Director at Vitesse, explains the revolutionary approach of its cloud-based productivity software to define these parameters in a way that recognises and rewards […]

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A Vitesse Case Study – Boohoo

July 19, 2023

Find out how Boohoo Group PLC is putting people first with Vitesse software. At its PLT fulfilment centre in Sheffield, the leading fashion group is pioneering a new way to measure performance and productivity which is fairer to colleagues. “It has enabled us to drive increases in pick efficiency in a fair […]

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How will the living wage rise impact warehousing?

December 19, 2022

As part of his Autumn Statement, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced that the national living wage will increase for over 23s from April 2023. The move is designed to alleviate the pressure on families across the UK amid the rise in the cost of living. However, the increase in the living […]

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